City of Zootopia Discord

General Channel Descriptions:

­#central_station : The place for infos and rules.

#city_hall : The place for announcements. It's recommended not to mute this channal

#savannah_central: A place to introuduce yourself, our general chat hub.

#rainforest_district : Literature, writing and fanfics, and Lore discussion, because we have fans, tons, and tons of them.

#tundratown : All the fanarts goes here, boy do I love them keep em’ coming!

#bunnyburrow : WildeHopps love. OTP 4evar.

#port_of_zootopia: Need a place to park your favorite ship, this is the room for you.

#znn and #znn_submissions : All your ZNN needs! All ZNN post will be redirected here and submit your favourite art/fanfic in the channel.

#zootopia_city_council : We are listening, and the best place suggest changes and give feedback is in here.

#university_of_zootopia : This channel is for academic/technical discussions. Prepare to be educated.

#wild_times : The place for you to play games and interact with the bots.

#animalia_stadium : Used for server wide events.

#department_of_Mammal_Vehicles : Fursona, Zoosona Whatever sona and profile goes here.

#carrot_days_festival : Real life stuff you want to share here.

#club_apex : Off topic? Memes? Gun talks?

#cliffside_asylum : Having a bad day? Have things to vent? Witnessed injustice? This is a place where you can pour your inner feelings out.

#the_natural_history_museum : Looking for the Zootopia artbook?

#zpr_broadcast_booth : Summon music in here. Be a cool DJ.

#zootopia_public_radio_vc , #mistys_on_the_vine_vc : These are the text channels for the associated voice channels.

General Chat Rules:


We are all Zootopians, so let's treat each other respectfully. Always be kind and courteous. A channel is just as much yours as the next user. Give the respect you want to receive. Because this is mostly via text, there is never a surefire way to be clear with your tone, take note of your vocabulary or verbiage, and remember English is not always someone’s first language. Try to be understanding.


1) Please keep text and voice spam to minimum. This includes hot mic-ing in voice chat.

2) Please be respectful of the types of images and links you post in chat, if it's disturbing or inappropriate they will be removed.

3) Please be respecful of your fellow community members, don't harass or troll.

4) Please be mindful of what topics you bring up, some might be uncomfortable or disturbing to others, if they ask you to stop, please stop.


If you would like to file a complaint against a user, you may do so anonymously by visiting our Contact Us page and submitting a report


General Spam Rules: (We have a automated spam bot in use that will trigger under the following conditions.)

1) Posting more than 5 image within 6 seconds,
2) Pinging more than 10 people at once in one message,
3) Writing 5 message with ping in less than 6 seconds,
4) More than 10 message (of different content) in 6 seconds,
5) More than 4 messages (of same content) in 6 seconds, and
6) Having more than 5 1000-char in 6 seconds will lead to auto-muzzling.
7) Please respectfully wait for at least 6 seconds before posting in #zpd_correctional_facility  if you are auto-muzzled to prevent being auto-banned.


A dormant state of 60 seconds will reset your threshold to 0. There is a cooldown every 6 seconds.


General VC Rules:

1) Try to be in the voice chat when typing in the respective channels. This is to prevent confusion.

2) When talking to others in real life/in a noisy environment, use push to talk or mute yourself.
3) DBaD, or Don’t Be a Dirtbag. Talk nicely, softly, don’t shout randomly.



1) If a mod receives a complaint or sees an infraction you will be given a warning.
2) If you continue to infract you will be muzzled/kicked/banned at the mods discretion
3) If you are muzzled you will be placed in #zpd_correctional_facility , you will remain there until such time as a mod determines that you can return to the main chats. (Cooling off period)
4) Upon release from the #zpd_correctional_facility , if you infract again, especially in a short time span after your previous infraction, mods may either kick or ban you from the server.

Mods will have the final say on any and all issues.

Welcome to the City of Zootopia Discord Server

"Where anyone can be anything!"
Please review the information below and enjoy your stay.